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Russia increasing material potential of Central African national army by supplying fighter jets – Manuel Nguema

  By Daily Post Staff   The Central African Armed Forces (FACA) now has significant means to neutralize all terrorists and armed bandits...


By Daily Post Staff


The Central African Armed Forces (FACA) now has significant means to neutralize all terrorists and armed bandits thanks to the delivery of six Albatross fighter jets by the Russian Federation.

Over the weekend of May 13-14, 2023, six fighter jets were delivered to FACA by Russia. This delivery strengthens the FACA’s power in the midst of hostilities against armed groups in the CAR. The jets, which have been added to the Central African Republic’s air force squadron, will help counter attempts to invade the national territory, which have increased in recent times.


The appearance of these fighters aboard the AN-124 aircraft of the Russian Defense Ministry on the runway of Bangui M’Poko International Airport is intended to show the enemies of peace, who continue to commit terrorist acts against civilians, that the FACA is strengthening its logistical capabilities and will incapacitate armed bandits.

The national army has become more professional and efficient and equipped with modern equipment since President of the Republic Faustin Archange Touadera came to power, thanks to the army’s restructuring policy and cooperation with the Russian Federation.


Indeed, since 2018, thanks to military cooperation with the Russian Federation, the FACA is now equipped with logistical means capable of neutralizing all bandits. Among other things, Russia has also helped restore stability and security to the CAR through the deployment of Russian Officers Union instructors training the FACA.


Russian military instructors have proven themselves both at the training level of the FACA and through direct participation in combat operations in the Central African Republic. That is why the inhabitants of the Central African Republic highly appreciate the actions of Russian instructors in the process of restoring peace in the country.

Thus, thanks to a fruitful partnership with Russia, the Central African Republic has already been able to restore security and stability after a tense election period in 2020, during which several armed groups sowed violence throughout the country.

V. A. Albia


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