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My Fellow Soldiers Shot Me in the Battlefield for Killing Boko Haram Fighters – Anonymous Soldier

By Tony Abu Momoh A former Nigerian soldier has alleged that he was shot by his fellow soldiers on the battlefield for killing ...

By Tony Abu Momoh

A former Nigerian soldier has alleged that he was shot by his fellow soldiers on the battlefield for killing too much Boko Haram fighters.

The soldier made the claim via an anonymous call on a radio show hosted by Sandra Ezekwesili on Nigeria Info FM.

During the radio show, the presenter received an anonymous call from Ilupeju with the caller identifying himself as an ex sniper in the Nigerian Army actively involved in the fight against Boko Haram Terrorists.

He described that he was very good at his job of sniping for the Army, being a left handed person. He described the situation on the battlefield against the terrorists, saying he went long nights cut off from the rest of the world. He also accused the military authorities of not paying his allowances as his family was not taken care of while he was fighting.

Describing the events that led to his exit from the Army, he said he was shot on the wrist by a colleague during an operation against the insurgents.

He said the colleague who shot him, said he killed people too much in Hausa. He said he was shot while trying to save a child whose mother and sibling were killed by insurgents.

The shocked presenter, asked the caller to clarify his story because she found it hard to believe.

He thereafter reiterated his accusation that he was shot by fellow soldiers for being too good at killing Boko Haram fighters. He stated that he resigned from the Army due to the evil going on within the institution.

He urged the Nigerian Government to carry out a forensic investigation of the Nigeria Army. He stated that patriotic soldiers are being systematically killed off on the battlefield so that Boko Haram can have a clear field to carry out its terrorist operations.

Nigerians on social media corroborated the story by giving examples of other soldiers being maimed and killed for taking the fight to Boko Haram. Many of them said they refused to join the army because of the perceived ethnicity and sabotage of the Army leaving them exposed to endless attacks from Boko Haram Terrorists resulting in high casualty among promising officers.

Some others also linked the story to the sudden death of Nigeria’s first and youngest female combat pilot, Tolulope Arole who died in a freak accident.

Many Nigerians expressed the view that she was killed by rogue elements within the Army for being too good at her job.


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