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Cheap, inferior materials, others identified as major causes of building collapse in Nigeria

  By Great Ozozoyin   The leadership of the Nigerian Association of Technologist in Engineering (NATE) has identified the use of cheap a...


By Great Ozozoyin


The leadership of the Nigerian Association of Technologist in Engineering (NATE) has identified the use of cheap and inferior materials as major causes of building collapse in the nooks and crannies of the country.


Other causes identified by the union include wrong interpretation of designs, greed, use of plans approved for another site, nature of soils and structure.


The association, which made the above observation weekend via a communique issued out to newsmen in Jalingo, Taraba State, shortly after their 38th Annual General Meeting in the state, was observed to have also urged the federal government to immediately end the ugly trend of disparity between HND and BSC presently being practice in Civil Service.


The communique, which was read out by the national President of the association, Dominic Udoatan, said withdrawing from such practices would enable HND holders progress beyond Grade level 14.


The practices, as made known by them in the communique, have begun to hinder the much anticipated technological breakthrough in the country.


According to them, the practice is “fast killing the morale and consequently the skills of some workers which could have been used to bring about the much desired technological transformation in the country.”


Dwelling extensively on the issues of climate change, global warming as well as desert reclamation, they cautioned citizens to distance themselves from human activities.


Such activities as enumerated by them include, poor management of public waste, intense drought, water scarcity, severe fires rising sea levels, flooding, melting of polar ice, catastrophic storms and declining biodiversity among others.


They were also noticed to have recommended that ecological footprints of solid waste management is a very good measure to minimize the unstable human activities causing global climate change.


The association, who from every indication are not pleased with the alleged relegation of engineers to the background by the federal government, argued that for a successful technological development to be recorded anywhere in the world, the activities of engineers, technologists, technicians and craftsmen must be harnessed.


Sad that the ratio of engineering personnel is far below the population served which is found to be in the ratio of 1:1000, this, they said, cannot allow meaningful engineering infrastructures and development to be achieved in the country.


They beckoned at the federal government to endeavour to tread extra legitimate miles to encourage local investors who on their own had invented and developed some useful machines but without being granted right of patent.


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