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Insecurity gaining ground because Nigerians are divided – CAN

  By Amos Tauna   The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna State chapter, has opined that criminality is gaining ground everyd...


By Amos Tauna


The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna State chapter, has opined that criminality is gaining ground everyday in the country because Nigerians are divided.


“This is why Nigerians should unite as an entity and fight the criminals,” Rev. John Joseph Hayab, State CAN chairman said while speaking to newsmen in Kaduna on Sunday, at the end of CAN special prayer and political security service.


He lamented that Nigerians had paid billions of naira to terrorists as ransom for the release of their loved ones.


“This great amount of money paid to the bandits would have helped the affected families in these hard times Nigerians have found themselves.


“If the government had secured Nigerians, that kind of money could not have been paid to the criminals and nobody knows the market where they are spending the money. That is why Nigerians are asking who is behind the activities of the terrorists,” he said.


Speaking on the 2023 general elections, Hayab observed that, “CAN has knocked out some politicians by certain indices. There are some that are knocked out by age, health challenges and other things that make them incapable to effectively carry out the affairs of a country like Nigeria. We don’t waste time to continue crying about the presence of some certain candidates in the 2023 general elections in the country.”


He added, “We as CAN, we are not worried with the big noise going on because we have simply made our point clear that we advised that inclusiveness should be the order of leadership. Those who feel they don’t need that have made a decision and we have warned and told them that it is not good for Nigeria.


“Those with narrow thinking believe it is about one faith. It is not fair when the structure of leadership in the country does not recognize the other, hence it leads to failure. We have failed before and we don’t want to fail again.”


“Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians. If we continue this suppression and silencing of others in the country, it means a certain group of people in certain parts of the country will not play the expected roles they are supposed to play resulting in not having the desired leadership in the country and the country ends up suffering. The leaders should not be blinded by sentiments,” he warned.


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