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Nigeria sliding towards failed state – Tambuwal

  By Olawale Oyetunji   The Sokoto State Governor and Presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Aminu...


By Olawale Oyetunji


The Sokoto State Governor and Presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Aminu Waziri Tambuwal has lamented that Nigeria is sliding towards a failed state under the watch of the All Progressives Congress (PDP).


Tambuwal who stated this Friday when he visited the PDP National Working Committee (NWC) at the party’s National Headquarters in Abuja claimed that Nigerians are facing greater dangers than they ever have.


He said “Our country has been divided as never before. Our economy is in shambles. The security ravaging the country has never been this bad.


“The general summation of the situation of the country is that we are sliding towards a failed state. I’m not saying that Nigeria is already a failed state, but we’re inching towards that, Tambuwal said.


The Chairman PDP governors forum also added that it is the responsibility of all PDP members to collectively work together towards rescuing the country, and retrieving Nigeria from APC before “the deed is done”.


He said the PDP is poised and positioned to provide that platform and facilitation towards the achievement of this very important objective of very many Nigerians who are dissatisfied with what is happening.


According to him, “those who can find their way have already left and several are processing their way out of this country because of their belief that Nigeria is not working for all of us.


“But we cannot all be that disappointed, disenchanted to begin to process papers to leave this country. Some of us must remain behind and slog it out through the democratic process to retrieve our country, reposition our country and work towards rebuilding our country, he added.


Tambuwal told the gathering that is contesting for the PDP Presidential ticket to emerge as the party’s candidate and a President that will help address the myriad of problems confronting the country.


In his remarks, PDP National Chairman, Dr Iyorchia Ayu noted that Nigeria needs a visionary leader who will be fair and just to all.


He said “the country needs a very serious leader, a visionary leader who is fair and justice, who can turn around the fortunes of the country in a very short time.


Ayu expressed confidence that the 17 PDP 2023 Presidential aspirants all have what is required to turn Nigeria around within the shortest time possible.


The former President of the Senate added that “we as a National Working Committee, despite the pressure on most of us, we are working around the clock to make sure that we provide a strong platform, provide not just a level playing field but transparently follow the tradition of the People’s Democratic Party.


He assured Tambuwal and other Presidential aspirants that on the 28th of May, the party wiall organise a free, fair, credible and acceptable National Convention.


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