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Group urges delegates to pick Igbo presidential candidates

  The Movement for the Election of Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction has urged political parties’ delegates to allow principles of justic...


The Movement for the Election of Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction has urged political parties’ delegates to allow principles of justice and equity to guide them in electing their presidential candidates.

This call is contained in a statement by the national convener of the movement, Vincent Ezekwueme.


Mr Ezekwueme also appealed to political parties to be transparent and unbiased in electing delegates that would vote during primary elections to choose their presidential candidates.


He noted that it was of great importance to remind the delegates that the onerous task of electing their parties’ presidential candidates depended on them, adding that Nigerians needed the best of the best.


According to him, this calls for Nigerians voting with their conscience and conviction devoid of nepotism, clan cleavages, favouritism, religious or tribal affiliations.


“Delegates should out of patriotism, social justice, equity, morality, good conscience and national interest vote for best candidates with overarching interest to tackle socioeconomic and political challenges bedeviling the country,” he stressed. “We passionately appeal to APC and PDP to zone their presidential candidates to the South-East to assuage cries of marginalisation, douse political tension, agitations and give a sense of belonging to the South-East.”


He noted that during June 12 imbroglio due to annulment of the election won by MKO Abiola of the Social Democratic Party, “Nigeria’s political class displayed unique and wise political intelligence, patriotism and sagacity.”


He added, “They ceded the presidency to the South-West in which Chief Olusegun Obasanjo of PDP and Olu Falae of APP/AD contested. It is of prime importance to note that South-Eastern states, Nigerians and generations yet unborn will celebrate and extol the political class if the scenario is repeated in order to douse political tension and restore normalcy in the South-East.”


He further urged delegates to pray for “the spirit of God to direct and influence their choice of candidates that will be capable if elected to transform the country for better, improve security of lives and properties,” explaining that this is “another golden opportunity for delegates to be harbingers for changing our politics from transactional to transformational.”


He called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure drastic reduction in expenditures and costs of electioneering campaigns in both primary and general elections.


The convener also mentioned that for Nigerians to right the wrongs, “we must discard with great disdain monetisation and commercialisation of the electoral system and processes.”


“Our dear delegates don’t mortgage your conscience, rather think about the future, progress, prosperity and betterment of our country. The destiny of the country is in your hands, vote for the best candidate in order to actualise the Nigeria of our dreams, hopes and aspirations,” he stated.


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