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Beheading of Army Couple: Federal Government Sponsored Fake News Against Us – IPOB

IPOB PRESS RELEASE 08/05/2022   We are the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) movement worldwide ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Our att...




We are the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) movement worldwide ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Our attention has been drawn to the inaccurate and fake news purporting that the United Kingdom, UK Government has classified IPOB as a terrorist organisation.


We, therefore, wish to clarify that there is no iota of truth in the said malicious fake news  planted and being  peddled by the enemies of Biafra freedom and independence. Nothing more may be said than the clarification already given by the British High Commission in Abuja, to the effect that the said media report is untrue and should be disregarded.


The curiosity and childish haste with which the Nigeria Government celebrated the said fake news, commending the UK Government for the imaginary but nonexistent proscription only confirmed that the Muhammadu Buhari and his Fulani-controlled Federal Government of Nigeria is behind the fake news.


We are calling on British government to change their minds sets towards still holding Biafra freedom , sovereignty and continue humiliating Biafrans They should know that this is not a jet age , the world is going behind those old systems they used to humiliate Biafra .


The fulani terrorists government of Nigeria has easily forgot that UK is not Nigeria where there is no rule of law and due process. NIGERIA unilaterally proscribed IPOB and designated IPOB a terror organisation while freeing and compensating FULANI bandits and terrorist who are the real mass murderers. What hypocrisy.


NIGERIA Government has been sponsoring insecurity and banditary in Biafra land and continue linking it with IPOB in its desperation to demonise IPOB and ESN operatives and present us as terrorists organisation that we are not. Nigeria kills its own citizens like the recent case in Imo State where an Army couple was beheaded after the woman was allegedly raped , can you believe this? , all in a bid to nail IPOB and justify the likely military invasion of our land.


NIGERIA Government should hide its face in shame for sponsoring a failed International propaganda against IPOB, they have removed  their evil celebrations on tweeter. They are using hoodlums to sponsor violence in our land to create the impression that our Leader is leading a criminal organisation but they will keep failing. NIGERIA Government defends FULANI terrorists and bandits. They hardly talk about their atrocities in the media but any time there is little violence in Biafra land they will rush to the media to blame IPOB.


IPOB has been existing long before those criminals trying to blackmail the good work of IPOB in London for long time. Nigeria media must be objective in their reportage and ensure they investigate news before giving the public wrong information that is not true. We commend the objective media platforms and enjoin others to emulate them and resist any attempt by Government to be used as propaganda tool.


IPOB is a peaceful and nonviolent movement seeking to free Indigenous Nigerians from the bondage Fulani put every tribe in Nigeria not terrorists activities in Nigeria.


While commending the British High Commission for putting the records straight,  we still don't know why British Government has not come out openly to condemn the numerous abductions, killings and rape by Fulani bandits and other terrorists in the South East Region especially the killings in Agatu of Benue, Sothertern Kaduna, Uzo uwani,  Nsukka Enugu State, plateau State and the rest of Middle Belt Region since 2014.


The British High Commissioner in Abuja should endeavour to give accurate information about IPOB to her Government in UK, and resist fake news sponsorsed by NIGERIA against us. The global world knows how IPOB operates both in Biafraland and the entire world.


It is only proper for the Ambassador to give accurate information about freedom seekers based on facts on ground and not allegations and frame-ups and media propaganda against IPOB by the NIGERIA Government.


Nigeria government , shame on you, IPOB must win this battle against you which our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU started and show us the way to move forward to the free land. We advise Biafrans to be resilient and pursue our freedom with determination because Biafra must come in our time. We have gone far and cannot stop midway.



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