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Just In: CAN Accuses Politicians for renewed insecurity in S-East, Exonorates IPOB

  However, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, is pointing accusing fingers at politicians over the resurgence of the activities of unkno...


However, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, is pointing accusing fingers at politicians over the resurgence of the activities of unknown gunmen and the festering insecurity in the South East zone.


According to the  CAN Chairman, Abia State, Apostle Emmanuel Agomuo, politicians who recruit hoodlums for some dirty jobs during electioneering period, and fail to empower them afterwards, should be held responsible for the worsening insecurity in the region.


He said contrary to allegations by security agencies that members of  IPOB, are behind the sad development, hoodlums recruited by politicians might be the real masks behind the veil. The cleric said hoodlums had since hijacked the situation in the South-East to unleash mayhem on innocent citizens.


He blamed greedy politicians who arm and engage the services of hoodlums during electioneering periods but fail to meaningfully empower them afterwards; hence most of them resort to criminality. According to him, the hoodlums when they have no legitimate means of livelihood, resort to criminality and terrorism using the arms given to them by wicked politicians.


“I don’t think IPOB is behind this barbarity. These are the bad boys politicians use for election. After using them, they fail to empower them and that is why they go back into criminality. Politicians who recruit these hoodlums are to be held responsible for the mess in the South-East.”


The CAN boss urged security agencies not to be narrow-minded in their efforts to unravel the real sources of the monster but to be open to all possibilities.


An activist, Comrade Kindness Jonah condemned the resurgent and continuous killing in South-East zone, urging government at the center to adequately punish those captured in operation to serve as deterrent to others. He blamed security agencies for not unmasking unknown gunmen captured during operation for the public to know their identity


Comrade Jonah suggested that government should establish security operational bases in all the village squares in the South-East to enhance the fight against the insurgency. He alleged that unknown gunmen are those hired by Nigerian government to cause trouble in the South-East.


It is a fact that “Igbo fear killing and shedding of blood so one can ask: how can an Igbo man that dreads bloodshed, open fire and kill anybody on sight in the market square? How can? So, to stop the evil activities of gunmen in the South-East, the onus is on government at the center to adequately punish those insurgents captured in operation as a deterrent.


“Also, commensurate legal sentencing should be meted to defaulters. Unknown gunmen captured in operation, should be unmasked for the public to see. Vigilantes as security operatives should work in tandem with the police and military operatives to fish out these dissidents,” Jonah said.


A former Commissioner of Transport in Abia State, Ekele Nwaohanmuo, in his contribution, said that the South-East governors have failed in their responsibility to protect lives and property and must think out of the box to end the incessant violence in the zone.


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