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The Middle Belt Republic Guards (MBRG) Strikes Out Against The Federal Government Of Nigeria On Dehumanization Of Indigenous Citizens

  The Commandant General of the Middle Belt Republic Guards (MBRG) Ambassador Yayock Ephraim Bitrus starnly speaks against the dehumanizatio...


The Commandant General of the Middle Belt Republic Guards (MBRG) Ambassador Yayock Ephraim Bitrus starnly speaks against the dehumanization of indigenous Nigerians by the Muhammadu Buhari administration.


Fellow Middle Belters, We have been silent on the affairs of governance, insecurity, mutiny and social vices because the Federal Capital Territory is situated in the Middle Belt Region.


Any fall out by war will end up destroying our region without recourse. Humility is not foolishness neither is patience weakness.




The re-arrest of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is totally unacceptable. We condemn it in strong terms and warn the Nigerian Government not to temper with the Leader of the Igbo agitators for referendum Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.


We will never take our self determination to be maneuvered and twisted into something that looks like we are seceding.

We are indigenous and can never secede from our ancestral land.


The Government should know that the amalgamation of 1914 expired in 2014 since it was a one hundred years agreement and we are not going into a forced marriage. If the Nation has treated the people well let there be National Dialogue to proof it.


No one is kidding and no one is superficial. We know our rights and that we stand on. The Pharaoh who refused the Israelites to go and worship their God in the fields will follow into the sea and perish.


Gone are the days of intimidation and scaring of people from the truth and their rightful possessions.


On Herdsmen we have never had any clash with Herdsmen and no conflict had ever erupted from farmlands between farmers and herders. We refute the term herders-farmers clashes and take to the reality of insurgence through guerilla attacks against the farmers mated by Herdsmen.


Our people do not farm inside their rooms in the nights but do sleep to rest. We don’t farm in the dry seasons but rather take to other social activities enjoying the fruit of the rainy season toils.

How can such a people be attacked in such situations and it is qualified as a clash?


We thereby  state categorically that we are being attacked without opportunity to defend not to Think of repelling the insurgents. Reprisals are not even contemplated as Security agents are deployed after every attack to keep the affected communities from taking any of such measures.


In order to curtail the menace, No Herdsmen are allowed to relocate from the Southern Part of the Country only to settle in the Middle Belt. We are not ready for troublesome settlers.


The few that are hovering around in the name of indigenous Fulanis who conspire with them in the name of their kinsmen, strangers to us without report of receiving such into our vicinities with whom they later join forces to destroy our farmlands, kill and maim. We send a last warning to them. As long as your intentions are evil against us, gently relocate and take your kinsmen to the lands of your fathers. We will not follow you to disturb you.




The alliance of the Iswap, Boko Haram And their likes is nothing to us. Any attempt to disturb the peace of our people in Zamfara and the North East we will be resisted with strong opposition.


The Middle Belt is not part of the North and will not identify with the North any longer.




We the Middle Belters do not join hands in any action against investors and their investments in our region.


The threats against the Yoruba and Igbo investment in the North should end in the core Northern States. All developments brought in the Middle Belt Region which Northerners hindered us since The Independence, our brothers brought them and we welcome such. In fact we owe them protection. Therefore any attempt to make us way back by tempering with such developments will be fiercely objected.

We warn and will not lick  our vomit.


The Middle Belt Guards is nonviolent and non-aggressive but peaceful and diplomatic in her activities for over a decade and doesn’t intend to be the previous.


We will use this medium to tell Mr Igboho and Mr. Kanu that nothing will deter our collective struggles.


Together we stand!!!


Thank you all for listening.


We implore all readers to share the position of the Middle Belt Guards on the present National issues as wide as possible.


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