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Leadership Failure In Africa: Nigeria A Classic Example Of Failed Leadership And Weak Institutions

    By Richard Odusanya   "The tragedy of Africa is wrought in the minds of politicians who behave like demi-gods and delude them...



By Richard Odusanya


"The tragedy of Africa is wrought in the minds of politicians who behave like demi-gods and delude themselves that they have monopoly of wisdom."- PLO Lumumba.


Africa is the cradle of civilization and the root of mankind. A land flowing with milk and honey; nature is kind with her, beautiful weather, optimal temperature for diverse ecosystem balance, giving rise to an array of different types of resources, but the inhabitants are like its own natural disasters.


The mindsets of the average African are tailored more towards a set goals for personal aggrandizement, individual accomplishment, self-centeredness, materialism, and slave mentality. This may be part of the reasons for the types of leadership that emerged and the society we have today.


Except for few countries like Ghana, Botswana, Rwanda etcetera; that are fortunate enough to have succeeded by reasons of good leadership, prudent management of resources and electoral system that is relatively credible.


Most of the other African Nations with defective systems, products of poor leadership and fraudulent elections are not doing well at all, in all facets of life. Nigeria example in particular: the citizens are wallowing in hopelessness; oppression, hunger, and violent crimes against humanity. A typical case of systemic failure which originates from failed leadership.


Recent events in Nigeria, specifically, the #EndSARS protest, that resulted in the now famous #LekkiMassacre, which was a peaceful protest for the malfeasance, corruption and brutality of the Armed forces and police in Nigeria. The youths are seeking for a better Nigeria and a decent society where Nobody is unduly; harassed, intimidated, oppressed or killed. It was supposed to be a wake-up call, unfortunately, events of the past few days appear to be in the contrary.


This calamitous regime has completely failed the test of integrity and embarked on dishonesty, subterfuge, subterranean moves to stifled information and continue in its old ways of cruelty and crudely behaviour.


The gladiators and their spine doctors have been playing the game of divide and rule tactics with the minds of gullible citizens, using both religion and tribal sentiment to achieve their selfish motives.


This further polarised us as a nation, the method was really working for them, until the past few days after the series of violent crimes, kidnapping/killings, including that of a first class traditional ruler (Olufon of Iron) in Ondo State Southwest of Nigeria and the recent brutal massacre, in Zabarmari village of Bornu State in the Northern part of Nigeria.


The elders of the Northern and Southern Nigeria, including socio-cultural organization can now see through the gimmicks and pranks that was designed for the continuous cover up of their misdeeds.


The most recent, is the frivolous and vexatious lawsuit filed by the legal department of the Nigeria police force trying to use judicial gymnastics to stop the judicial panels probing the activities and atrocities of police officers brutality across the states to unravel the rot and brutality of police officers.


The Inspector General of police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu and the management team in a clever somersault, considering the backlash of such misdemeanour and misconduct of agency of the state working at cross purpose with constitutional bodies and among themselves. The 'IGP' and the management team clearly disassociated themselves and claimed unaware as usual, in continuation of unsustainable lies and cover up, that our institutions have degenerated into, as usual there will be no consequences, nobody will resign, or be sanctioned.


Fundamental, for the sake of the African Nations with defective system and in dire need of rescue, we must earnestly begin the process of freedom from despotic governance, poor leadership and lift herself from the morass of POVERTY. The propensity of putting truth on guillotine must be checked, particularly for the sake of building strong institutions. Arise and shine the beautiful continent! Arise from deep slumber Nigeria our beloved country.



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