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ESN is not Biafran Army – IPOB in a Press Release

  IPOB press release 16/12/2020   Having waited for many years for our governors to secure our land as Yoruba governors did to no av...


IPOB press release



Having waited for many years for our governors to secure our land as Yoruba governors did to no avail, we the people of the East comprising of South East and South South have resolved to defend our land from the ravages of Fulani terrorism and extra judicial killings by the Zoo armed forces. We can’t allow what happened in Obigbo to repeat itself.


It has fallen on this generation to defend our land against the ravages of Fulani terrorism and the hegemonic tendencies of Janjaweedism. For years our mothers have not been able to visit their farms for fear of being raped and cut to pieces. Our invaders, some of them from Sene-Gambia according to El-Rufai are in our villages raping and killing at will.



Our response to the endless cycle of insecurity


Delta State Government has inaugurated Operation Delta Hawk, a new security outfit in the classic fragmented approach of the East to issues of national importance. The West were united in their effort to combat Fulani terrorism in their territory, even Miyetti Allah, an open supporter of murderous Fulani herdsmen had the guts to float a vigilante outfit the spread to every nook and cranny of Nigeria with the support of the Presidency and Northern governors. But in our land, Ifeanyi Okowa and other governors in the East cowardly allowed themselves to become fragmented out of fear of displeasing their Janjaweed masters.


I recall what Chinedu Euranius Ibegbulem wrote, he said "the only way to eat an elephant is to cut it into pieces". The approach of eastern governors to the issue of insecurity and Fulani terrorism is indicative of the mindset of a divided and conquered people. The pathetic, cowardly and fragmented approach to this great threat to our existence is the result of years of cruel and deliberate partitioning of our land, cutting Igboland into 5 inconsequential states, dividing us and calling us alien names like Niger Delta, South South, South East and goodness knows what else.


We have allowed ourselves to become willing tools of the caliphate in our oqn destruction. Some foolish Igbo people have been cajoled and intimidated to the point where they deny their own identity. For example Nwike who is now Wike decided to massacre his own people at Obigbo for the reward of being named vice presidential candidate to Tambuwal in 2023. Igbo people were fooled into adding "R" to their Igbo names thereby changing the sound and it's meaning.



Therefore, if you’re weeping for the bloodletting in Northern Nigeria, the East and the West......hear this


First, I speak as a human being who is possessed of a compatriot spirit with suffering humans everywhere.


Second I speak as an witness to the sufferings of Biafrans at the hands of their Nigerian compatriots, all to the point that instead of waning, our resolve for a separate State has been strengthened and cast in stone.


Today I present to the world our first and last line of defense against Fulani Janjaweed inspired murderous anarchy and mayhem across the entire Middle Belt & South. The Eastern Security Network is here to bring to an end years of Fulani Miyetti Allah terrorism in our land. This security outfit, modelled along the lines of Amotekun in the West & Miyetti Allah vigilante group in the North, will provide the entire East (South South & South East) with the necessary assurance that crimes such as kidnapping, armed robbery, illegal occupation of our forests and river banks by marauding killers from the Sahel is brought to an end with immediate effect.



Every ethnic group across Biafraland is well represented in this formation therefore I am confident that every city, town and village will be protected from the ravages of Fulani terrorism in whatever guise it manifests itself.



Now, what's my story?


Just days ago, Fulani Muslims - yes, Fulanis, whether herdsmen or Miyetti Allah FUNAM, Boko Haram, ISWAP murdered almost 100 rice farmers (reportedly all Christians) in cold blood in Borno State.


Am I upset? Yes. Am I grieving? You bet, I am. But am I feeling funny and a bit disconnected from it all?


Yes, I am feeling not only funny and disconnected but I am also feeling that this whole mourning, outrage and anger about these killings is insincere, duplicitous, and profoundly lacking in stark appreciation of history, ancient history and importantly recent history.


You might ask: What history? It is a very dark, hideous history banned by those who rose to power on the ashes of a genocide they themselves committed.


It is a history banned in schools out of a sense of denial; yet it is a history still accessible to anybody and everybody.


In substance, it's a history of blood, of massacres, of genocide, and of pogroms unpunished; and other evils untold.


It is a history of a Nigeria where Biafrans have largely borne the brunt of massacres and genocide since 1945 at the hands of Fulanis, assisted by some other Nigerian tribes, including the very Northern Christians that were just massacred just days ago.


On the other trajectory, it is a history of so-called confluence of ‘one North’ against the East. Now it is repeating itself but in new ways that have driven Fulani Islamists and their allies to turn on their "northern brothers".


It is also a history that is on a constant rollercoaster. Yes, a rollercoaster where - in 1966, 67, 68, and 69 to 70, you gleefully joined in the massacre of your Eastern brethren that did nothing to you.


You stupidly joined in committing genocide dishonestly called a civil war to "unite" Nigeria; to unite a Nigeria that is now massacring you that largely bore the brunt of the uniting that was executed in blood; needless blood ... of millions of children and innocents.


Now, that history is repeating itself before your very eyes. That history has been brought to your own side of the town.


Now, you weep. Did you weep for Eastern Nigeria; Did you weep for the Igbo, for the Efik, for the Anang, for the Ijaw and the other tribes that made up Eastern Nigeria? Did you weep for Biafra? If you didn't, your weeping now is a lie.


Weeping must come with some honesty; weeping must be well-deserved; otherwise it's called 'crocodile tears'.


You killed my father, my younger brother, my beautiful cousin (after raping her untold), thinking they're all Igbos; or you knew they were not but you killed them anyway because they came from the East, lived in Borno beside you and spoke Igbo. You didn't care that they also spoke Hausa or even Fulfude.


Now you weep for Borno; you weep lies and insincerity


Then you pulled out a young, wailing, innocent Eastern woman out of the train in the North and slit her belly and brought out a budding embryo and 'killed' it.


Now, you're being killed all over the North and you want me to weep. Yes, I weep but I also wept for my people killed in times past by your people. That's what makes me different from you - your weeping is one-sided, and you have killed before; I haven't.

And yes - I wept for 1967, but my fathers took matters in hand, declared themselves free and fought back. Have you fought back?


Keep weeping whilst they keep killing. What’s stopping you from fighting back? Why don’t you constitute your own Amotekun? Your own ethnic security!


This whole saga of a failed Nigeria is a rollercoaster - now you're in front, next you're in the rear. They spill blood, you spill tears. They kill, you weep and then your tears dry, waiting for the next senseless slaughter that never ceases.


They come back and kill again - one head of cattle for two two heads of humans; then you weep. A rollercoaster, a vicious cycle of weepings and killings. That's your Nigeria, Buhari's Nigeria, Fulanized Nigeria, Islamized Nigeria. A damned Nigeria of blood and tears.


That's not the Nigeria my forefathers helped most to liberate from foreign occupation. That shouldn’t be your Nigeria, either. But while I’m pursuing Biafra, all you do is weep.


Why don't you weep first for Eastern Nigerians killed by your parents? Did you weep for young Eastern Nigerians (yes -Biafrans) cut down in their prime by Buhari's Python Dance? Or Nkpor, Head-bridge, and the likes?


Did you weep for Nnamdi Kanu. Did you weep for an IPOB that can't hurt a fly, yet you joined in declaring them terrorists so you can go for another kill like you did in 1967. If you didn't weep for these, you have no moral right to weep for Borno, for Kaduna and the blood that has reddened the North.


Are you a Gowon, a Danjuma, a Bissala, a Domkat, a Shelleng, an Useni, a Walbe, a Mark, an Ochefu, an Unongo, a Tsav, or worse? If you are, then search your soul; do some contrition; make an atonement and seek the face of God, and then seek your liberation. Only then can you weep honestly or weep no more.


What about you - the ‘One Nigerian’ proponent? I tell all of you this: If you weep for the North, ie Northern Christians, northern minorities and you didn’t weep for the Nigerian youths cut down in EndSARS, you didn’t weep for Obigbo, your weeping is dishonest.



Danjuma, your former maestro has told you what to do; yet you do nothing but weep. What are you waiting for? Where are your balls? Did you lose your mojo? Why are you not taking matters in hand? Are you supposed to be dead in your One Nigeria?


Are you waiting for an Nnamdi Kanu & IPOB and some elements of the Oduduwa that have the guts to fight back (but only with strong words) but whom you joined in suppressing? Have you now seen the sense in our sermons of freedom from oppression that is as unrelenting as your never-drying tears?


So, please stop weeping; man up and take matters in hand. That's what gutsy men do. That’s what humans endowed by the Almighty do.


                 Self-defense is a constitutional right

Self-determination is not a crime but a right under the laws of federation of Nigeria and customary international law.


Stop saying to them that you killed Biafrans or Easterners in the past for them. Stop saying you fought Biafra for them. Stop saying you killed Ijaw, Efik, Ibibio for them. Don't you get it? They don't care.


Late Buhari never cared. Didn’t he say an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North?


Even the Cabal that is ruling in his name and ruining your lives doesn’t care. Buratai, the boy-scout General is biased (Danjuma said it all). Is he not from Borno?


Your entire security chiefs are comprised of them; and they see you as a kafir, an infidel, a willing tool, a half-wit to be deployed at will against your own people, against Biafrans (and sometime all the South).


Then, when it suits them, they dispense with you, they turn their guns on you, either directly or by proxy. Then, they dishonestly call it farmers-herders clash.



What was the clash in that Borno rice farm?


Stop weeping; demand Referendum. Demand your freedom. Form your own security. End Nigeria, NOW! That's the ONLY way out.


You see, this is one of our major problems in this country, most of us don't wants to do the hard work, by speaking up, due to laziness and fear but everyone wants to reap the fruit of it. No one wants to speak up, but we are complaining and dieing secretly and gradually, and if someone does, some literate illiterate still has the guts to open their God forsaken mouth to say rubbish as if, it's the cause of your problem.


Young youth, the earlier we start making out real findings about our country and start fighting for it, the worse it becomes n  History will repeat wonder the white man said, if you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book.


So before you come online and disgrace yourself, family and generation at large, make sure you have something vital to say, if not, shut up!!!


ICC has belatedly decided to investigate atrocities by the Nigerian army, police and politicians. Sadly their intervention has come too late for some of us. The likes of Wike, Nwodo, Obiano, Ikpeazu and Umahi must not go free. They shed the blood of the innocent and must pay dearly for their crimes. Henceforth wherever any Biafran is killed, the governor of that state will be killed too. If the killings were ordered by the police or army, they too will also die.


If anybody is arrested for any offence, we expect them to presented before a court of law for trial. Should they be convicted and death sentence passed, then the state can with every judtification execute them. But for the likes of Wike, Ikpeazu and Obiano to order the Nigerian army to invade communities and kill innocent civilians will no longer be tolerated. If they order the killing of innocent people, they too will be killed.


Extra judicial killings will no longer be tolerated. Obigbo, Nkpor, Emene, Afaraukwu, Aba will no longer be tolerated.


Our farmlands and forests must be cleared of all illegal Fulani terror settlements. There are enough towns and cities where those with legitimate business interest can reside and do their business. Our forests, bushes and farmlands are no go areas for marauding killer Fulani herdsmen and bandits from Mali as El-Rufai once claimed.


The ESN is not the Biafran Army and must not be regarded as such. If and when the need to float an army arises, we shall dutifully notify the world.



Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader




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