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Special Gang Breaks into NFIU Office in Aso Rock, Destroys Computers Containing Financial Information

Magu by Bobby Adams There is an alleged plot to frustrate the probe of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and th...

by Bobby Adams

There is an alleged plot to frustrate the probe of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the ongoing investigation of its suspended acting chairman of the commission, Ibrahim Magu, after some unknown people broke into the office of the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) and destroyed computers, This Day reports.

The NFIU office which is inside the Aso Rock Presidential Villa was burgled and at least seven computers containing sensitive financial information were taken away and others badly damaged.

The attack is believed to have happened overnight and was discovered Friday morning.

Some NFIU officials on Thursday appeared before the Justice Ayo Salami’s panel, which is investigating allegations against Magu.

It is understood they told the panel that by operational protocols, they don’t go about with sensitive documents. The officials then advised members of the panel to visit their office Friday morning, to sight the documents requested for.

However, before the panel members got to NFIU office in the morning, the room where the documents were kept in computers was broken into.

NFIU was only recently severed and is the agency that investigated all the allegations of financial malfeasance against Magu.

Following the incident, the Director-General of NFIU, Mr. Modibbo Hamman-Tukur, met with President Muhammadu Buhari to report the incident, a situation sources said, resulted in the president’s decision to approve Magu’s suspension.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Magu had denied giving Vice President Yemi Osinbajo N4 billion.

He said this when he appeared before the presidential panel investigating him on Thursday.

Magu was quoted as saying: “I did not tell the panel that I gave the Vice President N4 billion”

He quipped: “Where will I get such money? Do I have access to such funds? It is part of mudslinging. Please clear this. I do not have any control of such cash, I did not order the transfer of N4 billion to the VP or to anybody.”


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  1. Wow! Am not surprised as it is this is the only thing we are able to copy from the foreign movies we watch 😂🤣😂